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"Mallard Methods" By Matt

In this three-volume set I'll take you step-by-step thru the process...providing you with the tips, tricks and techniques I use to create these beautiful Mallard works-of-art.

Three Feature-Packed DVD's - $88
  • Disc 1 - Traditional Flying Mallard Mount
  • Disc 2 - Extreme Incoming Mallard Mount
  • Disc 3 - A Complete "How To" For Building Your Own Bird Flesher
Each DVD was painstakingly produced to provide simple step-by-step visual instruction showing you how to complete the task...easy to understand and follow...even if you're a beginner.

Matt's "Mallard Methods" are based on practical, viable techniques developed over the last 40 years.  Once you try them, you will want to consistently use them on every bird to produce quality Waterfowl Mounts with a lot less frustration...and better results.
Mallard Methods DVD
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What You'll Learn...

  • Two Distinct Ways To Mount A Mallard
  • My Up-Close "Lemon Wedge"  Eye Setting Technique
  • Removing, injecting and pre-painting feet
  • My secret feather curling technique
  • Understanding and breaking down the feather groups
  • In depth demonstration of setting and posing flying wings
  • Damage repair and tear management
  • Use of Caulk - when and why
  • The crucial steps of Wheeling and Washing
  • A review of the 80/20 Rule

Bonus Feature - DIY - we will show you how to build your own Bird Flesher!

PLUS: Never Before Seen...
Matt's Mallard Mounting Techniques!

Blue Ribbon Birds DVD
If you want to learn Matt's award-winning tips, tricks and secret techniques for creating "Blue Ribbon Birds," click the "Buy Now" Button.
Securely Order This Three Volume Set For Just $88 and get FREE SHIPPING.
Please Allow 7 to 10 Days For Shipping
"Matt has the ability to clearly explain not only the "how" but the "why" as well!"

Larry Saccareccia
Toronto, Ohio


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