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Award-Winning Waterfowl Taxidermy Secrets Exposed!

Matt Smith, Award-Winning Taxidermist, will show you his secrets and teach you how to turn waterfowl into beautiful award-winning art in "Blue Ribbon Birds."

Learn step-by-step how to create award-winning works of art from an veteran taxidermist.

Now, you can set yourself above the competition with this amazing collection of secret taxidermy tips, tricks and award-winning techniques from one of the most experienced taxidermy teachers in the country.
Blue Ribbon Birds Awards
"I've trained hands on with Matt and I can tell you that his teaching methods are
straightforward and easy to understand...if you want to mount a better bird get these Dvds!

R.J. Colo
Hunter's Choice Taxidermy
Nampa, Idaho

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Meet The Artist
Matthew Smith, Taxidermy Artist
Over the last decade Matt Smith has provided his tips, tricks and award-winning techniques to countless Bird Taxidermists thru one-on-one formal instruction, group seminars, weekend workshops, state taxidermy associations, internet tutorials, parks and wildlife meetings and hobby classes for waterfowl hunters.

With constant urging from taxidermists, Matt is finally making his secrets available to those unable to attend his valuable training classes due to work schedules, family responsibilities, distance or financial considerations...more

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