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Hooded Merganser

Tips, Tricks & Techniques
For The Hooded Merganser

In this two-volume set, I'll take you step-by-step thru the process using the tips, tricks and techniques I use to create these beautiful Hooded Merganser works-of-art.

Two Feature-Packed DVD's - $68
  • Hooded Merganser Mounting Techniques
  • 25 More Top Tips For Mounting Better Birds
  • Bonus - Water Habitat With Crawfish
Each DVD was painstakingly produced to provide simple step-by-step visual instruction showing you how to complete the task...easy to understand and follow...even if you're a beginner.

What They're Saying About The DVD

"Matt's 1-on-1 instruction is concisely laid out in his new Hooded Merganser DVD, which brings you back to basics with little known tips to save you countless hours of frustration, and ultimately demonstrating how to successfully take your skills to the next level."

Tony White
Missouri Mule Taxidermy
Omaha, Nebraska

Blue Ribbon Birds DVD
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What You'll Learn...

  •     The Skinning Process
  •     Complete Skin Prep To Include:
  •         Fleshing
  •         Washing
  •         And Drying
  •     Wire Wheel Demonstration
  •     The Bath Process
  •     The 80/20 Rule
  •     Assembly And Wiring Of Bird
  •     Collapsed Wing Technique
  •     Proper Use Of Caulk And Fillers
  •     Painting The Bill
  •     Posing The Bird
  •     Problem Solving
  •     Grooming Tips
  •     The All-Important Head Detail
PLUS: Never Before Seen...
Matt's Hooded Merganser Mounting Techniques!

Blue Ribbon Birds DVD
If you want to learn Matt's award-winning tips, tricks and secret techniques for creating "Blue Ribbon Birds," click the "Buy Now" Button..
Securely Order This Two Volume Set For Just $68 and get FREE SHIPPING.
Please Allow 7 to 10 Days For Shipping
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"I can't have enough taxidermy information in my shop. When I heard Matt was making
his Wood Duck mounting secrets available to the public I ordered his DVDs the same day -
this information will be a game changer in bird taxidermy.

Josh Saville,
Saville Taxidermy
Finger Lakes Region, New York


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