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The Artist

Meet The Artist...

Matt mounted his first bird at age 12...and was hooked.

Mounting birds on his mother's kitchen table he became proficient enough at the art to earn extra money through his high school and college years.

Having mounted several thousand birds over his lifetime he is most proud of the students that he has trained over the last 10 years.

Although best known for his beautiful Wood Duck and Hooded Merganser Mounts, Matt is an NTA Certified Taxidermy Judge and the 2017 National Waterfowl Taxidermy Champion.  He is also a multi-state award-winner earning numerous:
  • "Best of" Categories
  • People's Choice "Best Bird" awards
  • And twice winning the coveted WASCO Award for "Most Artistic Entry."
Above all else, Matt enjoys teaching the art of Bird Taxidermy to the next generation of avian artists.

He resides in Ft. Worth, Texas with his wife and twin girls.
Matt Smith - Blue Ribbon Birds
"Matt explains his step-by-step bird mounting techniques in a way that anyone, at any level can benefit from. After putting his system to work in my shop my bird mounts improved immediately."

Kaleb Motcha
Final Flight Waterfowl Taxidermy
Fayetteville, Texas

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